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Recover Formatted Data Free

Did you format your drive accidentally rather than formatting another drive? Tensed on how to recover data from formatted drive? If your answer is yes then just be calm and doesn’t be panic any more. First, stop using your drive and act fast. Your data still reside inside on your drive, they just become inaccessible. You can easily get back those data from the formatted drive with the help of… Read Article →

Achieve File Recovery in Few Steps

Windows or Mac operating systems store all our precious files and folders, similarly, the significant files are also kept up in external data storage devices such as USB drives, external hard drives, flash memory cards, portable drives etc.  All the stored files can be very private, official or any other details, but missing such files mistakenly causes you a lot. Sometimes, you just need to obtain those lost or deleted… Read Article →

Recover My Files Data Recovery Software

Have you ever accidentally formatted your USB drive or memory card in which important data are present? If yes, then don’t get panic as you can recover deleted or lost files with the assistance of recovery software like Lost Data Recovery software. This software will completely scan your infected storage device and restore lost data with ease. Many experts around the globe have reviewed this software and have suggested it… Read Article →

Tool to Recover Data from SD Card on Windows and Mac

Extended File Allocation Table (ExFAT) is a file system developed by Microsoft Corp. This file system is optimized for flash storage drives. There are many flash storage devices which support this file system to save large number of data, including memory card, USB drive, external hard drive, Solid State Drive, etc.  This file system is used where the NTFS (New Technology File System) file system does not support. It is… Read Article →

How to Recover Missing, Deleted or Lost Data from Hard Drive?

It is really heart-touching situation when files from hard drive get deleted or lost due to human error. This leads to huge data loss from various brands of hard drives. Whenever files from hard drives get deleted or lost, user is horrified and starts looking for recovery tool. Can anyone suggest best recovery tool to recover missing or deleted files from hard drive? There are various scenarios due to which… Read Article →

Tool to Recover Deleted Data from External Hard Drive

“I have external hard disk of storage capacity 1TB and which contains many crucial files related to my office work. After long time I want to access some documents stored from my external HDD then it shows a message like “access denied”. Now, I can not access existing files from my external hard drive. Can anyone suggest me how you can overcome this peculiar circumstance? Is there any easiest way… Read Article →

Simple Approach to Recover Data from Corrupted

Computer hard drive is one of the important data storage devices to hoard data such as pictures, video files, music, documents and many others. But at times, due to corruption of the hard disk drive you may lose your valuable data. The reason that leads to corruption of data is common for both Windows and Mac operating systems users. The reasons that lead to corruption of hard disk drive might… Read Article →

Best Method to Learn How to Restore Data

Data could be stored in many storage devices like hard disk, memory cards and some other removable devices. These storage devices permit you to store different kind of data like documents, videos, audios and so on. However most of the time it could be noticed that data loss might be occurred due to many reasons like human errors or any system error.  Once you’ve come across any such data loss… Read Article →

Easily Retrieve Files from Raw File System

RAW file system is actually a state of hard drive or any other storage device that does not have the known Microsoft windows file system. In this state there is no file systems exists on hard drive, there will be no files or folders within the hard drive and it cannot be used for storage purpose. How to know this RAW file system state when using Windows 8 operating method?… Read Article →

Best Tool for Deleted Data Recovery

Usually in everyday life, information sharing is required which may be in organizations or individuals. Without communication medium sharing information is difficult task. Today most of the organizations are utilizing emails to communicate with each other; by making use of emails it’s possible in order to communicate and exchange some information such as files. Files may contain different type of data such as picture, audio, video, text file, spreadsheets. If… Read Article →