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Elite App to Restore Windows 8 Data

Windows 8 computer users normally erase or lose their vital data mistakenly, in case any precious files which are of our official or personal than this type of data loss will cause a lot more to us. So deleting or losing expensive files is incessantly heartbreaking concern, so when you erase otherwise lose any personal or official essential files from your Windows 8 then you must to decide consistent third-party… Read Article →

Easiest Way of Recovering Erased Pictures

Pictures are usually created to revisit one’s past in a very interactive way. Generally we create this kind of files on gadgets such as digital camera, smartphone, multimedia phones, etc. The pictures that are created or developed on these electronic devices can be previewed or edited upon user’s requirement. Although we keep pictures on memory card or any other storage devices in a very protective way, it gets deleted due… Read Article →

Tool to Recover Deleted or Lost Images from Camera

Let us assume a scenario where you have a Kodak Easyshare DSLR camera to capture images of your family, relatives and friends. The images you captured are saved on your camera memory card; you hook up your camera to the computer in order to copy some images. You select the required images from camera and by mistake you click on delete option instead of clicking copy option from system. At… Read Article →