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Repair AVI Video File in an Easy Way

With Introduction of MKV video file format, AVI file format is losing its ground.  Once, AVI video format was very popular; developed by Microsoft AVI contain both audio and video. Most of the time AVI file is played by Windows Media Player that is built in Player in Windows. Some of the screen recording software such as CamStudio, HyperCam 2 and Bandicam saves the video recording to AVI only. However… Read Article →

How To Repair Damaged MP4 Video Files?

Now a days, technology has improved to great extent. With the help of technology everything is possible even repairing of mp4 video files that are not playable on any video players. There are many causes due to which mp4 video files gets corrupted or damaged. The most common scenario is when you are transferring mp4 video files from one storage drive to another, you are unaware of the low memory… Read Article →

How to Use H264 Video Repair Tool?

“Hi friends, please help me! I downloaded many H264 video files from my office system and copied all files (by the use of ctrl + x and ctrl + v) in my pen drive. When I opened those files in my personal computer, I got a message that, ‘The file is corrupt and can’t be open’. I am shocked because all those video files are very important for me and… Read Article →

Easy Way to Accomplish Windows Movie Maker File Repair Process

Windows Movie Maker is one of the most widely used and easier video editing application designed by Microsoft Corporation. It is used for editing images and movie clips on almost all version of Windows OS. By using this application, you can drag and drop photos and clips into slide show on storyboard and upload videos on social networking sites such as YouTube, Facebook and other social media websites. Sometimes you… Read Article →

How to Fix Low Quality Videos?

While watching videos, most people are quite furious about the video quality. No one likes to watch poor quality videos. If we have any poor quality video then probably it won’t play properly in the media players on computer. The videos are captured using devices like Video camera, Mobiles, Camcorders etc.  The commonly supported formats of video files are- MP4, 3GP, MPEG, M4V, FLV, Raw video format, quick file video… Read Article →