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What is Cortana in Windows 10?

Microsoft has made major changes in Windows 10 operating system like Microsoft’s voice assistant, Cortana. It will help you to search various things on your system, natural language search, identifying songs, find files, managing calendars, performs calculations and conversions, track flights and packages, etc. You need to type a question in the search box to start Cortana (click on microphone icon and talk to Cortana). Following are some of the… Read Article →

Best Way to Recover Deleted Pictures from Windows 8

“Few days back I was browsing my hard drive data on my Windows 8 system. While doing so I found out some useless files within the hard drive. Further, I have made a decision to remove all these useless stuffs from computer system for the better utilization of memory space. When I was selecting files the then by mistake, I had selected some other useful files. Further, I had deleted… Read Article →

Smart App to Recover Windows 8 Media Files

Loss of important files is hurting for all time as it may influence your regular job. Suppose if you are a professional photographer and have a collection of important pictures and videos, which are to be deliver to costumer. A disaster happens and you find all media files gone from your Windows 8 system. Situation goes more terrific when you find there is no backup of those media files. In… Read Article →