How to recover data from external hard drive after formatting


 Do you ever lost your valuable data from your external hard drive? No need to worry, it is very simple to restore all the lost information in an easy way.

Lost all the data from external hard drives, recovery software tool will help you in recovering lost data. With its strong recovery algorithms and simple user interface, it helps to retrieve lost data from external hard drive.

Sometimes you might wonder that how the files are vanishing from hard drives.

There are many reasons responsible for losing valuable data from hard drives like virus attacks, accidental deletion of data, damage of external hard drive. You might have lost important documents due to any of the following reason.

But the solution to overcome from this issue is to get back lost information. With the help of this software you can recover files from external hard drive even after formatting.

Formatting the external hard drive to make it work in which sometimes it erases the stored data. But no need to worry, one can easily recover data from formatted external hard drive. With the help of this software tool one can restore all the deleted files from external hard drive after formatting.

How does this recovery software tool helps in retrieving all the lost data from external hard drives? It’s very much simple, deletion the data will never erase the stored data permanently from your memory. Instead, just the file will be deleted and space where the file was stored marked as available to store new required data on the drive.

You have an external hard drive whose speed has decreased drastically due to viruses attacks. So in order to make thus documents free from viruses, you should have backed up for formatting drive.

In some situation you may think why you got format error and how to get back files which were formatted from external hard drive. Just stop worrying, this page provides answers for your doubts.

In your case, formatting error appears on connecting removal hard drive due to virus attacks. When you copy documents from virus infected external hard drive to other devices, the viruses also transfers along with data, spreads widely affecting the file system of your external hard disk.Even if the external drive is formatted, one can still get back data from using a professional formatted data recovery software tool.

Can data be restore safe and secure from a formatted external hard drive?

It is possible to retrieve formatted data. Very simple, you need to take technical assistance or make use of effective third party recovery software tool to bring back data from formatted external hard drive. Moreover, you can restore data from reformatting and it works on re-partitioned, corrupted or damaged external hard drive or even when it fails to work after any logical corruption. .

Upon lot of research on external hard drives and file system, group of experts have designed recovery software, especially deleted or lost files from external hard drives, it helps to recover them within few minutes.

Steps to recover lost data from external hard drive:

1: Just install version of recovery software tool. Welcome window opens up “Recover Files” to process further.

2: You have to select between Recover Deleted Files and Recover Lost Files. Select “Recover Lost Files“. Later you will get list of drives from which software can recover data .Select your portable hard drive and click on “Next” button.

3: Software starts scanning the portable hard drive to locate and retrieve files which were lost. Once the scanning process is finished, you will get list of recovered data.

4: Examine all the recovered results of documents using “Preview” option of the software, recovered results to be saved which was restored.