Recover My Files Data Recovery Software

Have you ever accidentally formatted your USB drive or memory card in which important data are present? If yes, then don’t get panic as you can recover deleted or lost files with the assistance of recovery software like Lost Data Recovery software. This software will completely scan your infected storage device and restore lost data with ease. Many experts around the globe have reviewed this software and have suggested it… Read Article →

How to Recover Music Files From iPod Classic?

iPod Classic is a media storage device  which stores the songs accordingly  to the available of storage space and been loved and most popularly used by n number of users across the world .If you are addicted to iPod and stored thousand of favorite songs on it. You will feel bad when iPod data loss occurs after sync error. How to react such situation? Is it possible to get back… Read Article →

Tool to Recover Data from SD Card on Windows and Mac

Extended File Allocation Table (ExFAT) is a file system developed by Microsoft Corp. This file system is optimized for flash storage drives. There are many flash storage devices which support this file system to save large number of data, including memory card, USB drive, external hard drive, Solid State Drive, etc.  This file system is used where the NTFS (New Technology File System) file system does not support. It is… Read Article →

How to Recover Missing, Deleted or Lost Data from Hard Drive?

It is really heart-touching situation when files from hard drive get deleted or lost due to human error. This leads to huge data loss from various brands of hard drives. Whenever files from hard drives get deleted or lost, user is horrified and starts looking for recovery tool. Can anyone suggest best recovery tool to recover missing or deleted files from hard drive? There are various scenarios due to which… Read Article →

Windows 10 Groove Music: An Old Flame with a New Start

Microsoft Windows Media Player and Urge digital music formed the foundation for Zune. Urge music store was an online music distribution service provide by MTV Networks. It was integrated in to Microsoft Windows Media Player. Where as Zune is a brand of media products and services run by Microsoft Corp. Microsoft Xbox Music service is Groove Music in Microsoft Windows 10 OS. It Is valuable getting that history lesson out of… Read Article →

Formatted SD Card Recovery Software

Hello friends,” I am using my SD card from the last six months but today for the first time I came across this type of worst scenario. Today morning I inserted my SD card into system through a card reader to transfer my office data. As soon as I started moving the data, I popped up with an error message stated “Card is not formatted. Do you want to format it… Read Article →

How to Fix Some Problems in Windows 10?

Windows 10 is the latest version of the Windows OS and it is introduced by the Microsoft Corporation. There are many advanced features in the Windows 10 when it is compared with older versions such as Windows 8 and Windows 7. Windows 10 is has intuitive interface and it is effective and can be applicable for smartphones and tabs also. Even after having advanced features in the Windows 10 there… Read Article →

What is Cortana in Windows 10?

Microsoft has made major changes in Windows 10 operating system like Microsoft’s voice assistant, Cortana. It will help you to search various things on your system, natural language search, identifying songs, find files, managing calendars, performs calculations and conversions, track flights and packages, etc. You need to type a question in the search box to start Cortana (click on microphone icon and talk to Cortana). Following are some of the… Read Article →

How to Use H264 Video Repair Tool?

“Hi friends, please help me! I downloaded many H264 video files from my office system and copied all files (by the use of ctrl + x and ctrl + v) in my pen drive. When I opened those files in my personal computer, I got a message that, ‘The file is corrupt and can’t be open’. I am shocked because all those video files are very important for me and… Read Article →

Easy Way to Accomplish Windows Movie Maker File Repair Process

Windows Movie Maker is one of the most widely used and easier video editing application designed by Microsoft Corporation. It is used for editing images and movie clips on almost all version of Windows OS. By using this application, you can drag and drop photos and clips into slide show on storyboard and upload videos on social networking sites such as YouTube, Facebook and other social media websites. Sometimes you… Read Article →