Recover Formatted Data Free

Did you format your drive accidentally rather than formatting another drive? Tensed on how to recover data from formatted drive? If your answer is yes then just be calm and doesn’t be panic any more. First, stop using your drive and act fast. Your data still reside inside on your drive, they just become inaccessible. You can easily get back those data from the formatted drive with the help of this professional free formatted drive recovery software. Actually what happens is after formatting the drive, it just erases the entry corresponding to the file in the partition table and the file will be tagged as inaccessible. Therefore nothing to worry, as you have this free data recovery software to recover data. This free data recovery software effortlessly scans the entire drive to recover formatted data free within a span of few minutes.

Below mentioned are some of the factors which force you to format the drive

Sometimes you opt to format a hard drive in order to change the file system like from FAT to NTFS for proper and advanced data management purpose. Viruses or malware infection from the internet or because of excessive use of an unsecured third-party application on your local machines, some of the harmful viruses corrupt the file system and hence makes the file inaccessible you are forced to format the drive because it won’t allow you to access data from the specific drive without formatting. Another reason is due to MBR corruption. When this MBR is corrupted then booting fails and your operating system will not be loaded. And without an operating system, you won’t be having the interface between the user and the hard drive. In such cases, you have to format the hard drive and after performing format process, you end up with loss of data.

Other than the above-mentioned scenarios you can find many other factors which are responsible for data loss due to formatting the hard drive. As mentioned above you easily solve your issues with the help of this free data recovery software. This free data recovery software has been crafted by professional to recover formatted data free which are lost after formatting.

Why use this free formatted data recovery software?

This free formatted data recovery wizard can restore back all types of data that are lost after formatting with ease. This application proficiently recovers data and folders from hard disks, zip drives, mobile phones, tablets, memory cards of a digital camera, USB devices such as pen drive, flash drive, memory stick, thumb drive. Free data recovery software offers a high-speed recovery operation. It is designed with an optimized algorithm that helps to recover data fast and easy. This application is well versed with user-friendly interface and only a few user inputs make it possible to perform the scanning process and recover data in few clicks. Want to know more about this free data recovery software? If yes then browse around this site- and recover all your precious data for free.